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In the vast landscape of cryptocurrency, navigating accurate crypto data becomes a daunting challenge. Between scattered cryptocurrency statistics, elusive market crypto trends, and the hunt for reliable cryptocurrency historical data, many feel overwhelmed. It’s not just about tracking the top crypto by market cap or finding real-time cryptocurrency exchange rate data. It’s about seeking a singular trusted source in a sea of information.

We’re more than a crypto data provider. Blockunity offers a streamlined app with precise crypto data visualization and in-depth cryptocurrency data analytics. Here, clarity meets accuracy, ensuring you’re always one step ahead in your crypto journey.

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Aggregation, Correlation, and Democratization at your fingertips.

Blockunity Market Data

Market Data

Get the lastest Market Trends.

Blockunity On-chain Data

On-Chain Data

Analyze Blockchain Tx.

Blockunity Fundamental Data

Fundamental Data

Access Essential Data.

Blockunity Off-Chain Data

Off-Chain Data

Discover Off-chain Insights.

Blockunity Technical Data

Technical Data

Go Technical Today.

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Guiding your crypto journey with purpose.

Born from the challenges of navigating crypto investments, Blockunity was brought to life by a passionate experienced and resilient team. Beyond just a platform, it stands as a beacon of inclusivity in the crypto realm. We don’t just offer data, we provide clarity in a complex world, empowering both novices and intermediates.

Beyond Data - Expanding your crypto toolkit

While data remains our forte, explore a suite of tools designed to further elevate your crypto endeavors.

Blockunity Strategy Builder

Strategy Builder

Unlock advanced trading strategies with our Strategy Builder, intuitively designed to help you craft and refine winning crypto trading and investing strategies.

Blockunity Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracking

Monitor and optimize your investments effortlessly with our Portfolio Tracker, providing real-time insights into your crypto asset’s performance down to the smallest details.

Unyx Data Logo

Powerful Indicators

Harness the power of Unyx Data: Your gateway to advanced indexes and indicators, offering real-time market analysis and trend predictions to sharpen your trading acumen.

Trusted by All-Level Traders & Investors

For me, Blockunity represents THE professional project, with a team that listens, reacts and is always available! I needed tools to optimize my crypto investments, and Blockunity delivers.
For the moment I’m not using all the possibilities offered, but whether it’s for portfolio monitoring, on-chain analysis or Unyx Data indicators, everything is top notch!


Blockunity isn’t just a project.
It’s a powerful tool which, when used intelligently, saves me countless hours of research, analysis and follow-up.
Blockunity is also a responsive team that listens to its community.

Julien S

Impressed by Blockunity!
Their analysis tools and Unyx Data really helped me understand the crypto market. The team is very responsive and reliable, which gave me confidence to invest.
Thanks to them I’ve transformed my approach to crypto investing. I recommend their services!


Blockunity is the ideal all-in-one platform for crypto investors, there’s an advanced and fully customizable market screener. The Unyx Data are invaluable for detecting buy and sell points among other things. The advanced portfolio tracker is also very useful for keeping track of our investments. The strategy builder is very well done, and will eventually enable us to automate our position-taking and optimize returns 24 hours a day.
Everything is developed by a very responsive team that listens to the community.


Blockunity offers an essential set of tools for me as an active cryptocurrency investor. Thanks to its features, I make informed decisions about my investments, including using its fundamental valuation system and Unyx Data to simplify my technical analysis. The Strategy Builder allows me to optimize my strategies without programming. More than a tool, Blockunity is a committed community that provides quality content for our training. The Blockunity team shows an undeniable passion for their customers’ success, and I strongly encourage them to continue their excellent work.


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