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Blockunity Genesis

The sting of a bad crypto investment, the frustration of missing vital information, the overwhelming feeling of navigating a complex market – we’ve all been there. As a seasoned investor, our founder, Antoine, found that it was easy to get lost in the multitude of tools and resources available. From this shared struggle and armed with personal experience, he brought Blockunity to life.

Blockunity is more than just a platform; it’s a commitment to inclusivity. We perceive cryptocurrency as a force for change, that should be open and accessible to everyone. More than just about investments, we’re about empowering individuals and paving the way for transformative opportunities.

With Blockunity, we provide more than just data; with passion and experience, we offer clarity and direction in a world that often seems daunting, ensuring every individual has the opportunity to thrive in the crypto revolution.

Blockunity History

It’s Only The Beginning

Making The Complex, Simple

Cryptocurrency trading and investing might seem like an intricate web, but our mission has always been clear: Give everyone access to professional data to make informed-decision and be successful in this complex field. Blockunity ensures you’re never in the dark.

The Value That Propel Us Forward


Crypto for all no matter the experience.


Pioneering tools to keep you a step ahead.


Knowledge is power. We’re here to supercharge yours.


Accessibility, honesty and always here to support you.

Faces Behind The Revolution

Introducing the team shaping the future of Blockunity.

Antoine Moutinho Blockunity

Antoine Moutinho

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Damien Schaerer Blockunity

Damien Schaerer

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Denis Perin Blockunity

Denis Périn

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Arthur Wach Blockunity

Arthur Wach

User Experience Manager

Miemie Le Blockunity

Miemie Lê

Community Manager

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