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Find out what the assets are based on in concrete terms.

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Fundamental Data

Obtain a vast amount of verified data on the fundamental part of many cryptoassets. Founders, consensus, ecosystem, categories, description, etc.

   Blockunity Tier 0

Economic Data

Access a wealth of data dealing with the economic aspects of cryptoassets. Supply data, allocations, emission type, governance type, ISO, etc.

   Blockunity Tier 1

Fundraising Data

Learn how the projects have been financed, in particular by observing the type of launch, the different fundraising phases, as well as the reputable investors.

  Blockunity Tier 2

Vesting Data

Extremely effective data to optimize the timing of an investment, this data indicates when an asset will be released and distributed to the different supply allocations and to early investors.

  Blockunity Tier 3

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Analyzed Cryptocurrencies

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Economic & Fundamental Data