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Related to prices, market capitalization, and various asset statistics.

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Live prices

Essential information, observe the live price in several currencies for many crypto-assets.

   Blockunity Tier 0

Decentralized prices

Get decentralized real price of selected assets via Chainlink Price Feeds, as well as live price slippage.

   Blockunity Tier 1

Market cap related

Find different values related to market capitalizations in order to effectively assess the prospects of an asset, as well as their ranking and dominance.

   Blockunity Tier 0

Trading Volume

Observe the volume exchanged during transactions of the different crypto-assets under several time units.

   Blockunity Tier 0

Price Variations

Visualize asset price variations over multiple time units, as well as their percentage increase and decrease from their extremes.

   Blockunity Tier 0

What is Decentralized Prices?

Chainlink Data Feeds provide a secure, reliable, and decentralized source of off-chain data to power unique smart contract use cases for DeFi and beyond.

Centralized data feeds that pull price data from a single source are not only vulnerable to exchange downtime, flash crashes, and data manipulation attacks, but also have extremely limited market coverage and are susceptible to a single point of failure.

Provide cryptographic proof of the oracle networks' overall integrity as every piece of data is digitally signed by nodes and stored on-chain.

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Live Prices

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Decentralized Prices

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Informative Data