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To know what others can't even imagine.

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Growth and Activity

Track the evolution of mass adoption, market growth, and global address activities. Interesting data, and easy to understand.

   Blockunity Tier 0

Balances and Profit&Loss

Go further by observing in detail the different quantities present on all the addresses of the network. While visualizing the profits and losses of each.

  Blockunity Tier 2

Holders Activity and Metrics

Be aware of the activity of the holders in order to interpret precisely what they are doing. This metrics will help you see more clearly in the long term.

   Blockunity Tier 3

Miners Activity and Metrics

It is important to see what the miners are doing. The impacts of their choices are often strongly felt on the market. So be careful about their activities.

   Blockunity Tier 2

Exchange Activity

Exchange inflows and outflows are essential data in order to know how to react correctly in the short term. Be aware of their movements.

   Blockunity Tier 1

Whales, Institutions, and OTC

The whales and institutions seem to rule the market today. So follow their actions closely. Also see OTC deals, in order to be one step ahead of others.

   Blockunity Tier 0

Advanced Price Metrics

In this section, you will find a lot of data and statistics that will potentially allow you to anticipate the tops and bottoms of the market.

   Blockunity Tier 2

Network Security

The health and safety of the network are things to watch out. Because these data are always closely linked to the price of a cryptoasset.

   Blockunity Tier 0

What is On-chain Data?

Blockchains contain an enormous amount of data, mainly coming from each of the transactions carried out.

Because most blockchains are transparent, it is possible to access all of this data.

Thus allowing, in all confidence, to carry out innovative and efficient metrics, in order to better understand the cryptocurrency market.

All this data that comes from blockchains is called "On-chain".


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