Technical Data

From dozens of indicators of several types as well as our algorithms.

Trading & Technical Data Details


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Technical Indicators

Several on-board indicators make it possible to effectively monitor market variations, and to be able to react accordingly.

   Blockunity Tier 0

Trading Signals

Each indicator can give a buy, sell or neutral signal. By correlating them, we are able to give you effective buy and sell signals.

   Blockunity Tier 0

Pattern Detection System

Our algorithms provide technical data by detecting many signals on market curves, as well as by detecting technical figures and chartist analysis.

  Blockunity T1

Unyx Data

From our large data aggregation and our strong experience, we have created our own unique data correlation, which allows to give very advanced trading signals.

  Blockunity Tier 3

35 +

Technical Indicators

10 +

Signal Types

40 +

Pattern Detection