Portfolio Tracking

Easily and effectively track all your investments.

Investment & Portfolio Tracking


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Centralized Monitoring

Our tool allows you to view your assets on different centralized exchange platforms (CEX) in a single screen (Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, Gate.io, FTX...).

  Blockunity Tier 1

Decentralized Monitoring

View in detail the content of your decentralized portfolios on various compatible blockchains (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon...).

  Blockunity Tier 1

Other Sources

Some hardware or desktop wallets, such as Ledger or Trezor, will also be compatible. The goal is to unify as much as possible the monitoring of all your investments.

  Blockunity Tier 2

Manual Management

The pickiest or those who perform very specific trades can use our manual management tool which offers even more details for ultra-precise monitoring.

  Blockunity Tier 2

NFT Compatibility

Collectors will be able to find their most beautiful NFTs in their personal gallery. In some cases, an estimated price of NFTs will be available.

  Blockunity Tier 1

Transaction History

Access a complete history, all sources combined, allowing you to easily find many details of your past transactions. All this in a unified way, as usual.

  Blockunity Tier 1

Yield solutions indication

Our system will be able to indicate to the user investment solutions according to the assets he owns, to passively grow his capital through different mechanisms!

  Blockunity Tier 2

Many Statistics

Statistics often allow you to understand where your strengths lie and also your weaknesses, all with the aim of building your portfolio better.

  Blockunity Tier 1

Realized and unrealized PnL

We do our best to provide our users with as much detail as possible when managing their investments. Separating the realized PnL from the unrealized one is essential for this.

  Blockunity Tier 1

Performance Timeline

As we know, the markets operate periodically. The timeline of your balance performance will allow you to see how your investments react to these phases.

  Blockunity Tier 1

Integration with Screeners

You will get personalized tracking by integrating Blockunity screeners, emphasizing the cryptoassets you own, to further improve the quality of tracking.

  Blockunity Tier 2

Secure API, no Login/Pwd

Safety first for our users. Our applications are designed to be used with complete peace of mind. Interconnections always pass through secure APIs and do not require your login and passwords.

  Blockunity Tier 1

What do we provide you to monitor your investments?

With our portfolio tracking service, you will be able to centrally observe all your investments that you hold on various exchange platforms and even in decentralized finance (DeFi)!

To better follow your positions, you will get a lot of statistics and information, such as your realized and unrealized profits, the distribution of your assets, your unit costs, etc.

It is possible to have a personalized view in the Blockunity Screeners, in order to specifically monitor the crypto assets present in your portfolios.

Screeners make it easy and efficient to view a lot of data, while applying tailor-made filters.

Our system is able to indicate to the user investment solutions (centralized or not), with the aim of benefiting from passive income according to the assets owned.

How does the visualization of your wallets work?


Generate your read-only API key from a compatible platform.


Enter your read-only API key in the Blockunity app.


The application reads the data through the secure API.


After processing, data are displayed in our portfolio tracking system.