Antoine Moutinho

Chief Executive Officer

Coming from a background in tech, formerly a network and security engineer, I have been passionate about blockchains and cryptocurrencies for almost 6 years. After having built a solid experience on the crypto market, having studied its behavior during several cycles, I then decided to launch my own adventure by first creating Crypto Nation and now Blockunity.

Passionate supporter of ambitious projects, the fundamental aspects of cryptos are very important to me. Mastering technical analysis, I keep above all a profile focused on investment, much more than a trader.

I find blockchain technology fascinating because of the innovations it brings, its powerful robustness and its huge potential. Its application in our daily lives may offer us unexplored perspectives.

Cryptocurrency is an extremely interesting environment, because of the impressive projects that can be found in this huge universe.

Bitcoin, the undisputed King of crypto money, is splendid for the values it transmits. 

Transparency, security, decentralization, everything to please, in addition to its technical aspect already soon to be obsolete in terms of performance. This environment is advancing faster than any other.

I think, however, that the incorruptible Bitcoin is only at the beginning of its story, which is already an incredible success. Everything makes you want to go with it, all the way to the moon, as the cult proverb says in the cryosphere!

Blockunity Team