Blockunity ($BKU) Token

benefit from all our services.

Limited Supply

40 million tokens.

Deflationary (Burn)

Price increase system with a deflationary type emission.

Just Hold

To automatically obtain access our services.

Future Opportunities

Governance and NFT (Non Fungible Token) planned.


40,000,000 BKU.

No more will be issued.


Real Utility Token.

Enjoy all our awesome features and services.

Just Hold.



See everything with blockchain and our clear distribution model.


Future Opportunities.

Be ready for what's next. Governance and NFT planned.


Deflationary Supply: Periodically destroying tokens to reduce the total supply. Additional Buyback and Burn with 5% of our revenue from B2B services.


Be Exclusive.

Our services will not be accessible to everyone.

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The private phases of our ICO are available. Visit the dedicated page by clicking the button below.

Our token has not yet been issued and is therefore currently not available on the secondary market.

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Token Allocation

The different allocations of our token supply will be as follows:

Blockunity BKU Token Allocations
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – 25%: 10 million tokens will be available to buy during the initial offer. The ICO will be divided into 3 phases detailed in a dedicated page.
  • Company Reserve – 20%: 8 million will be reserved for the development of Blockunity and in case of future use.
  • Project Team – 8%: 3.2 million tokens will be reserved for the founders and the initial project team.
  • Advisors & Contributors – 6%: 2.4 million tokens will be reserved for advisors and contributors to the project. This part defines the individuals who strategically, economically, and legally advised us. The “contributor” aspect affects individuals who participated in the application development without being part of the initial project team.
  • Liquidity – 10%: 4 million tokens will be kept as liquidity for the project, especially in the case of a listing on DEXs or CEXs.
  • Marketing – 10%: 4 million will be reserved for the marketing development of the project. 
  • Growth Fund – 9%: 3.6 million will be reserved for the marketing development of the project. 
  • Community Rewards – 12%: 4.8 million will be reserved for the marketing development of the project. 

Token Distribution

The distribution and vesting periods are available in our whitepaper, the latest version of which is available at blockunity.io/docs/whitepaper/

Note that despite the locking periods for each phase of the ICO, the participants will benefit from the services of Blockunity from day 1 of the official launch of the platform. This does not concern Public Sales participants. Therefore, even if the tokens are still locked, the participants of the Seed, Strategic, and Private phases, will benefit from a Tier depending on the amount of tokens bought during the entirety of the offering, which will be valid from the moment the platform is online.

Blockunity BKU Token Distribution

Token Price Increase Mechanism

To support the growth of the Blockunity token price, we plan to implement a price increase system in the form of unscheduled progressive “burns”. This mechanism consists of burning (destroying) tokens periodically in order to reduce the total supply, thus naturally pushing the token price upwards.

The token’s destruction will not be scheduled in advance nor will it be based on a precise timetable, as it depends on the overall revenues and profits of the company.

This burn system will continually scarce the number of places available for users, thus increasing our exclusivity

It is essential to remark that the supply of tokens available to users will be highly reduced during the first few months following the listing, which will undoubtedly propel the token price upwards for an indeterminate period.

Blockunity ($BKU) Token Utility

The token will first and foremost allow you to automatically take advantage of Blockunity’s numerous features and services. Moreover, the number of places dedicated to using our tools is limited, making some of our services extremely exclusive.

Other new features will be added regularly. These will be available only by spending tokens, thus offering new perspectives of token use. For example, spending tokens will allow for extended connections to trading platforms, advanced use of the trading bot, access to more and more buy/sell signals, increased backtesting limits or use of strategy optimization algorithms.

To give more power to our token holders, we will introduce a governance system. Thanks to this, users will be invited to vote and thus make their voice heard in diverse decisions concerning the Blockunity project and development. Each user will have a specific number of votes depending on their tier. Whether it is marketing choices, interfacing, roadmap layout, adding new features, or critical tokenomics decisions, the range of topics addressed in our governance module will be broad.

Future opportunities in terms of passive income and NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) will be implemented, as well as specific functionalities linked to innovative partnerships.

Service Exclusivity

Because our token has a limited supply and clearly defined service levels, it is possible to make estimations and projections about future users of our tools.

Thus, we can make the following realistic estimate of the maximum number of users in the different Tiers (excluding T0). The calculations resulting from these figures are based on this potential breakdown: 34% of the token holding users are in Tier 1, 30% in Tier 2, 21% in Tier 3 and 15% in Tier 4. 

  • Tier 1: 4,900 max users.
  • Tier 2: 4,300 max users.
  • Tier 3: 3,000 max users.
  • Tier 4: 2,150 max users.

As mentioned, we assess to have 15% of our token holding user base in Tier 4, representing about 2,150 people. They would hold
21.5 million tokens, or 72% of the circulating supply between them. We can therefore consider that almost three quarters of the supply in circulation will be owned by strong hands.

Blockunity BKU Token Users