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Embedded Strategies

Take advantage of numerous on-board trading strategies to trade simply and efficiently. You will have a wide choice and we regularly add new ones.

   Blockunity T1

Strategy Builder

Create your own personalized strategies with our ultra-complete strategy builder in order to obtain your unique combination, which perfectly suits your desires.

  Blockunity Tier 2

Advanced Backtesting

Backtest your strategies down to the smallest detail and obtain complete statistics as well as financial ratios in order to improve your trading even further.

  Blockunity Tier 2

Strategy Optimization

Optimize technical indicators and strategies according to different types of innovative mechanisms, thanks to our ultra-developed algorithms and achieve unprecedented performance.

  Blockunity Tier 3

Highly customizable

Discover the many parameters available to you, allowing you to adapt the backtests and the execution of the strategies to any type of trader profile.

  Blockunity Tier 2

Automated Trading Bot

Act on the market automatically according to the strategies chosen thanks to our powerful trading bots, or validate its actions by being notified before any operation.

  Blockunity Tier 2

Dollar cost averaging

Our DCA bots allow you to automatically buy assets at regular intervals to smooth your entry price. Again, you'll find plenty of customizable options.

  Blockunity T1

Arbitration opportunities

Turn to arbitrage operations to simply take advantage of certain opportunities offered by the market. Our system will give you all the information to do this in the right conditions.

  Blockunity Tier 2

150 +

Built-in Strat’ & Indicators

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