BKU Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Take advantage of this opportunity to get your tokens at a very discounted price!

Three private phases

To access these phases, you must be whitelisted. Please contact us at [email protected] or fill in the whitelist here.

Seed Sale

$0.20 /Token

8,500,000 BKU

  • Stage is in progress.
  • Min 25,000 tokens ($5,000).
  • For VCs, Business Angels, or other substantial investors.

Strategic Sale

$0.45 /Token

4,000,000 BKU

  • Stage is in progress.
  • Min 1,100 tokens ($495).
  • For investment clubs, community groups, or other early investors.

Private Sale

$0.60 /Token

2,000,000 BKU

  • Q1 2023.
  • Min 350 tokens.
  • For private investors who have not been able to access the previous phases.

For the Private Sale, the following affiliate bonuses will be implemented:
– Bonus for the inviter investor: 3%
– Bonus for the invited investor: 2%

The public phase

Anyone can participate in this phase.

Public Sale

$0.80 /Token

1,500,000 BKU

  • Q2 2023.
  • Min 140 tokens.
  • This phase will take place through several Launchpads, IDOs and IEOs.
Blockunity - Token Logo

Blockunity ($BKU) Token Utility

The BKU token will first and foremost allow you to automatically take advantage of Blockunity's numerous features and services. Moreover, the number of places dedicated to using our tools is limited, making some of our services extremely exclusive.

Other new features will be added regularly. These will be available only by spending tokens, thus offering new perspectives of token use. For example, spending tokens will allow for extended connections to trading platforms, advanced use of the trading bot, access to more and more buy/sell signals, increased backtesting limits or use of strategy optimization algorithms.

To give more power to our token holders, we will introduce a governance system. Thanks to this, users will be invited to vote and thus make their voice heard in diverse decisions concerning the Blockunity project and development. Each user will have a specific number of votes depending on their tier. Whether it is marketing choices, interfacing, roadmap layout, adding new features, or critical tokenomics decisions, the range of topics addressed in our governance module will be broad.

Future opportunities in terms of passive income and NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) will be implemented, as well as specific functionalities linked to innovative partnerships.

Why invest in our ICO?

Investing in our ICO allows you to acquire our token at a very favorable price. Supported by a very advanced and thoughtful tokenomics, its price will grow naturally over time, accentuating the quality of this investment opportunity.

Despite the token delivery periods, participants in the private phases of the ICO will still be able to benefit from our services as soon as the platform opens, even if they have not yet received their tokens (This does not concern Public Sales participants). So you won't just be there waiting, as in almost all other crypto projects. You will quickly get the plus values from your investment by using our platform to determine new investment opportunities!

Moreover, some private phase investors will be invited to participate in the Beta of our platform and thus access our innovations in preview and exclusivity.

Also very important, note that owning our token gives you access to our services for life, as long as you don't sell your tokens. So beyond the purely speculative aspects, you can also see this investment as a purchase at a significantly reduced price of a lifetime software license. That will allow you to optimize your future investments, and you will be very quickly able to benefit from it!

Funds Usage

Over all phases of the ICO, we expect to raise between $3 and $5.9 million, thanks to 32% of the total supply of BKU tokens. The funds raised will be used for the following purposes:

Distribution and Vesting

The distribution and vesting periods are available in our whitepaper, the latest version of which is available at blockunity.io/docs/whitepaper/

Note that despite the locking periods for each phase of the ICO, the participants will benefit from the services of Blockunity from day 1 of the official launch of the platform. This does not concern Public Sales participants. Therefore, even if the tokens are still locked, the participants of the Seed, Strategic, and Private phases, will benefit from a Tier depending on the amount of tokens bought during the entirety of the offering, which will be valid from the moment the platform is online.

BKU Distribution