Deciphering Data, Delivering Insights

Turn data into decisions, understand your portfolio’s dynamics, from transaction history to profit and loss analysis.

Secure Asset Management

Prioritize your peace of mind by only utilizing read-only APIs and secure connections, ensuring your investments are safeguarded from unwanted interferences and threats.

Take control of your financial security.

Transparent Transaction Overview

From decentralized to centralized platforms, access a clear and unified history of all your transactions, eliminating the haze of scattered records.

Keep a peripheral view.

Insightful Portfolio Analysis

Delve into detailed statistics, performance timelines, and integrated screener features to fully comprehend your portfolio’s strenghts and areas of growth.

Get cutting-edge statistics.

Why choose Blockunity’s Portfolio Tracker?

Secure, Transparent,  and Insightful. Navigate the crypto realm confdently, keeping tabs on every move with Blockunity.

Elevate your Cryto Investment Journey

Manage, monitor, and magnify your crypto holdings effortlessly.