Unveiling Unyx Data

The most advanced trading analytics to transform your crypto journey into a successful one.

Unyx Data are advanced indexes and indicators that provide real-time market analysis and trend predictions, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your trading strategies. Designed for accuracy and reliabilty, it caters to both beginners and intermediates crypto traders & investors. 

Explore the full power of Unyx Data

Encapsuate every aspect of research you need to make informed-decisions when crypto trading & investing.

Simplifies investing by turning complex data into color-coded charts with scores and directional arrows.

Get decision-making support with this high-performance trading strategy that provides buy and sell signals over a medium-term horizon.

This indicator offers a holistic view of Bitcoin’s cyclicality, pinpointing market phases, and highlighting Hallving events for customized insights.

The screener presents live metrics across various timeframes and integrated buy/sell signals. Meanwhile its oscillator visualizes data trends, pinpointing powerful indicator correlations. 

This indicator identifies potential market reversals by aligning trend strength metrics with specialized calculations.

This indicator pinpoints an asset’s trend using different elements. A summary box consolidates trend data for quick reference, and it also provides signals hinting at potential market reversals.

This tool highlights crucial price points and Fibonacci levels on any asset chart, aiding in pinpointing support or resistance zones and pre-placing orders. It also showcases the asset’s all-time highs and lows.

This metric visually displays an asset’s drawdown, using a color gradient to indicate retracement from its peak price.

This indicator lets you track key statistics on Whales (large portfolios) efficiently.

Instant Notifications

Stay updated with Unyx Data alerts, ensuring timely responses to market shifts.

Strategic Insight

Harness real-time market data, positioning for a competitive edge.

Risk Mitigation

Navigate trades with Unyx Data’s expertise, minimizing market uncertainties.

Swift Analysis

Automate your trading analysis with Unyx Data and focus on growth.

Profit Boost

Leverage our advanced tools to optimize trades and elevate your returns.

Why choose Unyx Data?

Elevate your trading experience with a suite of features designed to cater to every trader’s needs.

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